Reflection 19th October 2014

A Prayer for Animals by Joan Chittister

Great God, you have gifted us with a presence in our lives to save us from ourselves.
You have given us animals whose lives speak to us of devotion and heart of patient endurance of the power of faithful presence and of love without reason.
Give us, great and gentle God, the caring appreciation of those creatures who model for us your companionship and protection as well as your personal care.
We have seen in them, loving God, the stability of commitment and the greatness of trust that we owe you.
For the joy they have brought us and the faith in humanity they have shown us we thank you, our God.
In them we sense the goodness of the cosmos the graciousness of your creation and insight into the sacredness of our own animal nature.
For that we are forever grateful.
Tempted to take the creatures of the world for granted inclined to treat them more as property than present signs of your life and love give us the grace, O God, to forever care for them as you have cared for us.
We see in them living signs of the network of nature of which we are only a part.
May you, great God who made them, reward them with good caretakers with bright sun and days of play with a comfortable old age with the love they deserve for having so faithfully loved us.
Give us vision to squander our love on others as they have squandered theirs on us.
For all of them, great God, we give you thanks and see the glory of you glowing in them, as well.


(Reflections are provided each week by a member of the congregation.)

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