Reflection 30th November 2014

The Fall Almost Nobody Sees

Everybody’s gone away.
They think there’s nothing left to see.
The garish colours’ flashy show is over.
Now those of us who stay hunker down in sweet silence,
blessed emptiness among

red-orange shadblow
purple-red blueberry
copper-brown beech
gold tamarack, a few
remaining pale yellow
popple leaves,
sedge and fern in shades
from beige to darkening red
to brown to almost black,
and all this in front of, below,
among blue-green spruce and fir
and white pine,

all of it under grey skies,
chill air, all of us waiting
in the sombre dank and rain,
waiting here in quiet, chill
waiting for the snow.

— David Budbill

(Reflections are provided each week by a member of the congregation.)

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