Work morning 10th January 2014

It was a very windy morning this morning with the winds gusting gale force so there was little point in trying to do much work outside so our focus was inside including:

  • cleaning the entrance walls and filling holes – hopefully we will be able to repaint it soon
  • cleaning and tidying the cafe cupboard and putting in some new shelves
  • cleaning the cooker hood and it’s filter – the filter proved to be too old and dirty so we will have to get a new one
  • tidying the children’s room – perhaps the less said about that room the better but it looks fantastic now!

I spent a few minutes in the basement clearing some “stuff” in preparation for putting up some new shelves in the next few weeks. I thought I had seen everything that we had in the basement but tucked behind some existing shelves I found the following:

George Temple memorial

St Margaret dedication

So now I want to know more about George Temple! If anyone has any information do please get in touch.


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