Good Friday Reflection 6

It is finished. (John 19:29-30)

The Pharisees might agree he is finished. The threat has gone and we are again in charge of the religion. We can again demand the keeping of the law as the way to go. We can again set up the tables in the temple which are so profitable for us.

The disciples, especially Peter, might agree he and we are finished. We have denied him and we have lost faith in each other. He was betrayed by Judas and all of us. We have lost touch with each other and we have lost him. But he loved us to the end. He loved us and we are bereft and in despair. He held us together and we are broken. We are a busted flush.

Where now, are all our protestations, we loved him, denied him and scattered.

The Romans might have agreed. He is finished we handed out the toughest of sentences. We don’t understand him but he was unpredictable to the end. He is safer dead: finished.

Jesus said it is finished. Come to me he said. It is finished I have done for them what they could not do for themselves. I have broken down the wall of perfection between the altar and the people. I have opened the way to God. I have shown a new way. I have made a new way. I have loved them to the end.  I am the way: The way to God and the way to know God and to walk with God.  I have redeemed them. I made them and |I died for them, to redeem them, to set them free and be mine.

We can say I am his and he is mine. We can say we are free to love him as daughter and son: As brother to the brothers and brother to the sisters. We were born in bondage cut off from our true selves and from him.  I am his true friend and servant because he suffered for me. He has carried my sins and born them away. We are released into the way of love and peace and hope.  This is the place where I am released to walk with him because I can see his wounds and know release to be who I am and know him as both creator and redeemer.  This is a new kind of Glory, a new reason for hope, as I see him I become like him.

It is finished, finished, finished, finished, finished.

Let the people claim their inheritance for it is finished, finished, finished, finished, finished!

David Randolph Horn

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