Reading through Luke (15)

In chapter 15 what message do you think Jesus is trying to get across when he tells parables of three lost things (if you don’t mind the son being called a thing!)

2 responses to “Reading through Luke (15)

  1. Heston Groenewald

    I love the third especially. The father embraces the indignity of running, to go find his lost son. In Jesus, God embraces the indignity (or ‘poverty’) of human life, to come find his lost people. Are we ready to be found by God- and to party with God?!

  2. Jesus comes to look for people who are lost, so that he can bring them into his family, but when we have been found, what then? Can there still be parts of ourselves that are lost, or disowned by us?
    When we dislike something, or someone, are we projecting a part of ourselves that we have disowned? What would healing for these parts of ourselves feel like?

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