A glimpse into the future- and into the mirror!

What 3 words spring to mind when we imagine All Hallows in the year 2020? Here are the results from APCM Sunday. This is how we want to define ourselves into the future- and it’s very joyful, hopeful reading…

3 words wordle


And here’s how we see ourselves at the moment… Praise God for a short list of Weaknesses/Threats and loooooong list of Strengths and Opportunities!


The people!

Lots of love around

The warm acceptance of diversity

The café – enabling other works in the building

Fantastic garden space

Lots of people involved in different ways


Sense of fun

Shared lunches

We share bread and wine

We learn about God

We pray

We are an active church, and we go on outings

We have new people with us nearly every week

‘As a visitor, it is very friendly and dynamic’

Focus on social justice

Safe space to be LGBTQI

Sociable and extroverted (although this can be hard for some)



Good childrens’ work





Enthusiasm, energy, joy

Mix of people


‘It’s not like other churches… I mean it was so informal and full of love’ (Muslim police officer after licensing service)


Work with asylum seekers

We work together to make decisions about our life

Deep-thinking friends to share faith with

Weekly communal worship

PLAYING after church!



Not well-known enough

Need more fellowship

We’re all very busy – lack of time to meet together

Some services are long- especially all-age services

All-age services need to be inclusive of all ages, not just children

We find fault too easily, feed back more negative than positive, too much intellectual critiquing

Quiet people get overlooked- this is not inclusive

Intellectual- dominant balance of power in favour of the articulate



We are a close community, so newcomers can be ignored and feel a bit alone

Burn out! Too few people doing too many jobs

Overwhelm caused by too many desparate needs

Disunity caused by too many competing agendas (asylum seekers, LGBT, environment, worship, creativity) – need to work together

From all who are narrow-minded- religious and secular extremists




‘Losing’ elderly, increasingly frail parishioners

Capitalist greed



Reconnect with the local community- in service and worship

Links to/with other churches / communities

Growing in ‘discipleship’ – groups for fellowship and reading/applying bible and God’s kingdom to our everyday lives

Engagement with freshers week – followed up by beer & questions in the Royal Park pub

Taking a weekly ‘attendance register’ – making sure no-one goes unnoticed and uncared-for

Opening up access to the garden

More events etc to draw people in

The café and church as a community resource

To grow and change

Spreading a fair and equal philosophy to other churches

Messy Church for the community

Safe place to be gay/bi/trans-sexual

Focus outwards – serve and connect with the community, visit people in their homes

Space for creativity in worship and services

Another service- either 8am eucharist or afternoon/evening experimental worship

People often say ‘I don’t go to All Hallows much, but I’m glad it’s there- it gives hope for the church.’ WHY do they say this, and do we need to listen to why?

More food, cake and MIDNIGHT FEASTS!

More parties and events

More camping and walking trips

More learning bible history

More games

Advertise/publicise ourselves better

Tell people about All Hallows and what we do

Invite friends to come to church and to events/trips

Do a sponsored walk

Fresh eyes / new energy

Local multi-cultural friendships- mosques, churches, BLC, Neighbourhood Forum

Expectancy of great things from God

More children keep appearing!

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