Bulletin 22nd January 2017

Bulletin 22nd January 2017

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  1. I’ve learned so much in such a short time from All Hallows’ church and met so many wonderful people and made so many freinds This was a place I went too and met Heston and Lydia who helped me when I needed help I’ve got too know them so much now I c them as amazing people and very warm heated I would love too see them both be there for every it would be so amazing also also Paul an Jan who are amazing just as are all the other people I’ve met I would like too pray for Heston and Lydia that they are able too keep doing a fantastic job I pray for we get a new roof I also pray for that we keep our caffe going as it is a special place for many too come an meet and eat a meal I pray for all the emergency services who do a fantastic job I pray for the whole world as we are all one

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