Bunnies, boats and BBQs – Church camping trip 2017

All Hallows camping trip was a lot of fun this year at Slellingford water mill, near Ripon. Over 20 people joined the bunnies to camp next to the river. After a pretty wet start and a pretty walk to the play park and pub, the sun finally put his hat on and the boats came out! Not only did we successfully navigate up and down the river in a dingy and inflatable kayak (which we all loved) some people went swimming and avoided being eaten by a vicious pike. Which actually ended up being a log, but it was still high drama!

A BBQ was needed to calm us down after all the excitement which was followed by a dance routine and talent show from the children, including 3 year old Aiden and a cat bag. But no bunnies.

Burj the BBQ expert dressed for the Antarctic

Is it ready yet Burj?

Synchronized Sarah and Hannah

Kayak causes havoc with swimmers

Safely approaching land

Who is rescuing who?

One response to “Bunnies, boats and BBQs – Church camping trip 2017

  1. This the best Camping I ever had…..what a luxurious and relaxing…enjoying Camping….Thank you all loving and lovely All Hallows family 🙂 Love

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