This morning we were looking at Philippians 2 and at God’s generosity.

David led a group looking at Philipians 2 and how we are called to be more generous since God has been so generous to us

Chris led another group where they recognised how difficult it is to be generous and how our own perceived needs get in the way. We need more faith!

Sarah led a group making beautiful generosity bunting.

Hannah’s group tried to make 5000 people using potato prints and finger prints.

Not quite 5000 potato prints, miht just have done 500? Jesus managed to feed 5000 men (plus all the women and children!) with just five loaves and two fishes. Amazing generosity.

We then broke up into groups to share bread and wine (not quite 5000 of us) and to share with each other where we are going to be in the next week and where God is going to be in everything.

Bread and wine that symbolise the incredible generosity of God in Jesus.

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