Good Money Week

How we use our money affects us all. We all know about Fair Trade – buying fairly traded goods means that people get paid a fair wage for the work that they do, that their working conditions are decent, that they get a say in what they do.

But what is happening with your money that is sat in your bank or savings account, that is in your pension scheme or other savings or investments? Is it being invested in companies that pay low salaries, use child or slave labour, or companies that poison and pollute the environment? Is it being used to finance arms sales, to support corrupt governments or to make the 1% even richer?

How we use our money affects us all. But we can change that. It is our money and we can choose how we spend or invest it. This may take a little bit more thought and effort but we can make a difference.

Sunday 8th October sees the start of Good Money Week. This is a week dedicated to letting people know they have sustainable and ethical options when it comes to their banks, pensions, savings and investments so we can protect the environment and support society when we deposit and grow our money.

So why not visit their website and see how your money can make a difference – however little you have got.

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