This Week: 23 Oct – 29 Oct

Mon 23 – Sun 29 October One World Week
Mon 23 October @10-3 Rainbow Junktion Cafe
Tue 24 October @ 7-9pm Bible Study at David’s house (07930 815911 for further info)
Wed 25 October @12-2pm OWLS lunch
Wed 25 October @ 7-9pm Theology Night at AH vicarage – a walk through the Bible
Thur 26 October @10-3 Rainbow Junktion Cafe
Thur 26 October @7-9pm PCC Meeting at Andrea’s house
Friday 27 October @8pm Bengali Bistro at Rainbow Junktion Cafe – book your ticket!
Saturday 28 October 6pm onwards Movie and sleepover night to celebrate All Hallows’ “birthday”
Sun 29 October @2am British Summer Time ends and clocks go back an hour – an extra hour in bed!
Sun 29 October @10.30am
Sunday worship
Sunday 29 October @ 4-6pm Sacred Wing rehearsal

See our calendar for more details of what is happening at All Hallows’

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