Ntambwe Nkombe

Ntambwe is from the the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). At the time of writing he is in detention pending forced deportation back to the Congo, scheduled for Friday 10th November. He has been seeking asylum since 2001. DRC is a country with a secret service who put political opposition leaders into prison and who kill them or disappear them. They are far from democratic. Ntambwe was active as a student opposing the regime and he is still active in the resistance movement APARECO.

If you agree with that he should not be deported back to the DRC where he will be far from safe please sign up to the campaign on change.org.

If you would like to find other ways to help please contact us here or via our Facebook page.

3 responses to “Ntambwe Nkombe

  1. Marcus Bradley-Turner

    Lord Jesus I’m praying for this gentleman too be able too stay in this country and be safe and for all those also in this sad situation amen

  2. Ntambwe called me late last night to say that his deportation had been deferred following representation by Halliday-Reeves

    Thank you Lord and thank you team

    David Randolph-Horn

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