Sunday 3rd June 2018

On Sunday we’ll be exploring God’s invitation to live in ‘joyful responsibility’ for the people and world around us. If you’d like to do some pondering between now and then:

God wants nothing less than full responsibility and utter joy, and offers all that is needed for this… God gives scandalously overwhelming and excessive LOVE. Once we begin to see this, we see how our vices are all ways of being blind to love, avoiding it, rejecting it, or just being, in the full biblical sense, fools who miss the big, essential, many-splendoured thing. We also see why the supreme Christian virtue has always been love on the model of Jesus’ words: ‘Love one another as i have loved you.’ That is the ‘virtuous circle’ of what Simone Weil has called ‘new, marvellous, intoxicating goodness.’ (David Ford)

To be continued on Sunday when Heston will be leading us in our worship and sharing his thoughts on the next bit of Luke’s Gospel. After church we will be having a shared lunch at Rosebank with Hyde Park Source. It is Environment Sunday so let’s enjoy and celebrate the beauty of God’s Creation and consider how we might better care for the whole of it.

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