Work morning 16th June

A huge thank you to all of you who came down to the work morning at church and helped with the cleaning and tidying. Special mentions must go to:
– Toby “toilet” Parsons who got down on his hands and knees and did a job that not many of us would want to do and scrubbed the floor and walls in the “gents” toilets. There will be guided tours!
– Andrea, who did a similar job in the ladies, but of course the ladies were a much more pleasant place to start off with!
– Spiderwoman Dote who fought valiantly with her extendable feather duster against the power or the web
– Graham, who mended chairs, cleaned places that we never look and windows that we rarely look through yet made the place feel so much cleaner
– and everyone else who cut grass, cleaned pavements, decluttered, brushed, dusted, washed, scrubbed, hammered, rearranged, played, ate and supported. Our building looks much tidier and cleaner.


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