Plastic Free July

So, how are your attempts to reduce the use of single use plastics going?

  • Have you signed up for Plastic Free July?
  • Have you identified simple ways to reduce your dependence on plastics?
  • Has it been easy or difficult?
  • Can you see a measurable difference?
  • Does it make you feel any better? How do you feel a out it?
  • Give us your thoughts and experiences below!
  • 3 responses to “Plastic Free July

    1. I have stopped using liquid soap in a plastic bottle and started buying bars of soaps made with natural ingredients. There is a little more mess in the soap dishbut that is so much easier to clean up than all the plastic waste in the oceans!

    2. We have bought bags of loose leaf tea and tea diffusers so that we don’t use tea bags with plastiv in them. The tea tastes so much nicer as well!

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