Sunday 2nd September 2018

This Sunday is the first Sunday of the new academic term. So let’s celebrate that we’re all Called by God to learn and grow into fullness of life, and to love and serve God through our daily life and work.

And let’s bless each other’s daily life and work by blessing the bags that we carry around with us. So on Sunday please bring your school bag, book bag, computer bag, hand bag, shopping bag, tool bag, gym bag, nappy bag, goodie bag- any bag that you regularly use in daily life.

It is also the first Sunday of the month and so we will be having a shared lunch together. If you are able please bring along some food to share with each other. As it is the first Sunday in Creationtide we will also have the opportunity over lunch to share our thoughts and ideas about looking after God’s creation and in particular how we together can be an “eco-church”.

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