Sunday 30th September

This Sunday we will NOT be meeting at All Hallows! St Michael’s Church in Headingley are celebrating their “Patronal Festival” and so we will be joining them for their 10am meeting when The Rev Hayley Matthews will be sharing her thoughts and this will be followed by a bring and share lunch.

Patronal Festivals are seen as the birthday of any particular church and are often celebrated on the Sunday nearest to the day dedicated to the Saint the church is named after. St Michael’s Day is on 29th September and so St Michael’s are celebrating this Sunday. All Hallows is another way of saying All Saints and All Saints Day (All Hallows Day) is on 1st November so we usually celebrate our Patronal Festival or church birthday on the nearest Sunday. Halloween is a short form of All Hallows eve, the day before All Hallows Day which is why Halloween in on 31st October!

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