Sunday 28th October 2018

This Sunday morning at 10:30am we will be continuing our short series where we look at “The Body of Christ at All Hallows: what kind of Body do we want to be?“, and this week the title of our service is “A body which loves God?” Why not come and join us as we try to discover what it means for us as we try to follow the way of Jesus in loving God.

As we are approaching Halloween (All Hallows’ Eve) we are having some special events to remember “All the Hallows”, all the saints, who we have loved and lost. In the afternoon at 3pm we will be watching the movie Coco followed by pizza at about 5pm (please let us know if you want some).

At 6pm join us to build an Ofrenda, remember and grieve our lost loved ones, and contemplate Life and Death in a creative hopeful way. Please bring something to place on the Ofrenda, as we honour All the ‘Hallows’ we have loved and lost. This could be a photo, a candle, a favourite toy or cd or food or drink – anything that will help you remember in love.

You can read and hear more about the Mexican tradition of Ofrenda building on the LCI website.

Don’t forget! The clocks go back at the weekend so you can have an extra hour in bed on Sunday morning!

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