Rainbow Covenant Hymn

Rainbow Covenant Hymn

Red is the fire of God’s holy presence
Filling our hearts with love and desire;
Here is our vow to hold people sacred,
Welcoming all with covenant care.

Orange the clay that makes us all mortal
Each of us equal in stature and worth
Given a mission: sharing the Kingdom
Now we affirm that in our new birth.

Yellow, like gold, means all things are precious,
Each with a right to sing and be free;
This is our pledge to make all God’s children,
Valued as part of Earth’s majesty.

Green pulses flow through veins of creation,
Till humans clear great forests in seed;
This is our promise: keep all things growing,
We will reverse our violent greed.

Blue is the heart-song felt in asylum,
Vulnerable children bearing the cost.
Now with our souls we promise to listen,
Publicly giving a voice to the lost.

Indigo brings us a God-man of Sorrows:
Faith being used to hurt and divide;
We will resist and draw close to others,
Loving our neighbours, we’ll stand by side.

Violet announces Christ in our cosmos,
Holding our Earth in all of its pain.
Christ now invites us: join in my mission!
Cov’nant with me to bring peace again.

Tune: Morning Has Broken
Adapted by Hayley Matthews 2018
Originally from https://seasonofcreation.com/

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