Easter Sunday 2019

Easter Sunday morning started early for some with a sunrise service at St Michael’s Church in Headingley.

Beautiful St Michael’s

Not sure why Heston has a bottle of Bucks Fizz!

At our main Easter Service Heston took us on a quick run through of the whole Bible (again!) from Genesis to Revelation stopping at every point that a river or a sea separated God’s people from where God intended them to be and, as you can see from the photos, we had a visual representation with a ground sheet liberally sprinkled with water!

The people of Israel cross the River Jordan

“It was so wide!”

So many times God has led His people from a place of separation to a place of relationship with Himself, so many times the people have had to cross the waters that divide. But the Easter story tells of that division being crossed once and for all by Jesus, no more slavery in foreign lands, no more wandering in the wilderness. And the vision or Revelations where there is no more sea to divide (Rev.21).

Thank you Heston for a memorable (and slightly wet) Easter service and Casper for singing such a beautiful song.

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