Sunday 28th April 2019

This Sunday, the first Sunday after Easter, is our APCM or Annual Parochial Church Meeting – or as Heston describes it, our “Annual Party for Church Members”. It is a chance to celebrate all the amazing things that have happened over the last year, to mourn over those things that have saddened us, to reflect on our part in them and to look forward to the next year.

As has been our practice over the last few years we integrate the meeting into our service that starts at 10:30am.

If you haven’t had a copy of the report then please email Heston or the churchwardens or there will be a few copies at Church on Sunday, have a read and a pray and a think, and on Sunday come armed with questions / comments / complaints / compliments / suggestions etc.

Everyone is welcome to join us whether a member, visitor, young or old – come along and share with us in celebrating the amazing life that God gives to all.

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