Sunday 20th October 2019

This Sunday is the third in the Reflections on the Eucharist series. It’ll be a slightly different service – we’ll be preparing and then sharing a simple vegetarian meal together. Our worship will combine the preparations and eating with prayers and readings. There’ll also be space for quiet reflection, and some creative activities (aimed at Kids Church, but open to all).

You don’t need to do anything in advance or bring any food – that’ll all be provided. Though if you have time you might want to look at The Feast of Life and Love, the mini-website for the Reflections on the Eucharist series.

Please do come on Sunday at 10:30am prepared for things to be a little different, and open to trying it out!

The whole service, including eating and tidying up, will last longer than normal – but not much different from if you stayed for refreshments on another Sunday. If you can only come for part of it, that’s of course fine, although it’d be great if we could all share the food we’ve made together.

Feel free to ask any questions in advance, and hope to see you on Sunday!

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