All Hallows’ “Last Supper” Style Service

A blog post by our “reporter” Ramona:

This last Sunday (20/10/19) we at All Hallows had a “last supper” style service with a twist. We started as usual in the church space but instead of being seated facing the altar, we stood in a circle very similar to how we stand when receiving the Eucharist. Janet Lindley gave a mini-sermon and we had the confession.

After that, we made our way to the edible food-waste cafe, Rainbow Junktion, that is connected to All Hallows to gather in small groups of about 4/5. On our way into the cafe, we firstly all washed our hands in a symbolic, and also hygienic, gesture.

Firstly, we made the soda bread by sieving the flour, adding the milk and butter and mixing/kneading it into dough. The 2 children in my group loved this bit the most with Hannah making a heart shaped loaf with a smiley face and Aiden making a round loaf, also with a smiley face. They looked fantastic, as did everyone else’s. After that, we all prepared the veg by chopping it up into very small pieces. The children got involved, under constant supervision, and did an excellent job. We may have some budding future Nigella Lawsons and Jamie Olivers amongst our members. We all have Tim to thank for making our pans full of veg into a yummy stew.

Some people, both children and adults alike, either didn’t fancy preparing food or missed out due to lack of space in the cafe so some of those went and sat in the chapel for some quiet contemplation and/or reading and some went back into the church hall to make place mats for our meal. They were all made beautifully and very creative too.

While waiting for our meal, Heston gave thanks to God for the bread, wine (grape juice) and for us and our wonderful lives. We sang the Taize chant “Eat this bread, drink this cup” which then goes onto say “Come to us and never be hungry. Eat this bread, drink this cup, trust in Him and you will not thirst” which got quite comical at one point as we usually only sing it through twice but because the stew was taking a little longer than anticipated, we had to sing it about 5/6 times which even had Heston smiling about it. Irony, as I for one was very hungry.

The fabulous idea for this “service with a twist” came from our self-styled Wednesday group, “The Wednesday Wombats’. It consists of Alice Marwick, Anna Bland, Evie Russel-Cohen, Janet Lindley, Phil Gardner, Toby Parsons and Tim Burt.

Everyone enjoyed this “Eucharistic themed” service which was in the middle of the 6 services exploring the Eucharist All Hallows are currently running and sat very nicely alongside our Eucharist story.

I thought it was a good idea to quote some All Hallows regulars with their words of praise.

“My son (Aiden) and I really enjoyed today. Doing stuff together as a small group was really good and the prayers felt very meaningful as we all paused and came together as a big church. Yes please to doing this again”

“It was great indeed. So well organised and thought through and constantly interpersonal”

“It’s really amazing!’

“Yes, it was great”

As well as our regular faces, we welcomed a good few new ones too. A brill time was obviously had by all, from our youngest member, a mere few weeks old, to our most mature of 80+!
All there is left to say now is,
“Heston, when is the next one?”


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