Refugee Family – Advent 2019

I know, it’s not yet Advent, but refugee crises are no respecters of the liturgical calendar and our Refugee Family are seeking shelter again this Advent around the homes of the All Hallows’ folk.

The Refugee Family and friends also known as the Knitivity Set!

For the last few years we have had the tradition of a knitted nativity set (recently christened the knitivity set!) being passed from household to household within the All Hallows’ community with the opportunity to reflect on the story of a displaced family caught up in the political and social chaos of their times. Some of the hosts have supplied photos and reflections many of which have been posted on our website. You can see some of them by clicking on Advent 2016, Advent 2017 or Advent 2018 in the category cloud in the right hand column of the website.

This year they have set off early, no doubt due to the census (or General Election) coming early!

If you are a member of the All Hallows’ community and would like to host the Refugee Family (Knitivity Set) for a night then please contact Heston – simply drop him an email or a text with your phone number and include the phrase knitivity set and we will try to arrange for them to reside at your house or barn for a night.

And if you take any photos or write a reflection please let Paul have them for the website.

A small family in a big world


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