Our Refugee Family visit a school

Our refugee family found their way to Shire Oak Primary School in Headingley at the beginning of the week and reminded me how important education is for those who have to leave their homeland and find a new home in foreign parts. There can be so many new things to learn – language, customs, money, food, geography, politics, our social security system – it’s quite frightening to think about! Refugee children should find a place in a school and young children generally find it easier to learn and adapt although it can be a very traumatic experience especially if they find it difficult to make friends or are bullied. For adults it can be very hard – the stress of looking after a family, trying to fit into a new society and navigate the crazy systems that we have.

So let us remember those who have been uprooted from their homes and are trying to fit into a new society and let us be thankful for amazing schools like Shire Oak Primary and their wonderful staff!

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