Wednesday night virtual service

Last night we had our first Wednesday night candle prayer service with Heston and Lydia leading our thoughts and prayers from the comfort and isolation of their home. By the wonders of modern technology many of us were able to join with them live. Here is the view from Pippa and Jackie’s seats.

Do join with us for candle prayers every night at 7pm, for a remote candle prayer service led by a member of our church on Wednesday nights at 7pm via Facebook and for our remote Sunday service at 10:30pm also live on Facebook.

Click here for the liturgy we are using for our candle prayers

One response to “Wednesday night virtual service

  1. I love this online prayer. It is SO comforting to see Heston and Lydia as friendly faces, and to see so many people are joining in. The flowers are Mother’s Day ones ordered from my daughter in Australia. Jackie’s son is staying with us, and joined us to the TV set with a special gadget, but says we wouldn’t be able to to that by ourselves!! It’s nice to have an in-house technician!

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