Thought for the Day : Monday 6 April

Thought for the Day from Nigel Greenwood of St Chad’s:

Readings: Lamentations 1.1-12a ; Luke 22.1-23

It is sometimes said that people turn to prayer during times of crisis, and the current epidemic of Covid-19 certainly meets that criterion. In former times, churches may be fuller than usual, but sadly today they all remain empty as we enter Holy Week on our spiritual journey towards Easter.

It is perhaps ironic that, at the time when Christ emerged from his period in the wilderness, life across the world is heading into isolation.

Another saying which is certainly true is “we’re all in it together” for such an infectious disease does not discriminate between people in any way. Yet as we hear daily, many are drawn to offer their time and gifts in the service of others, working for the common good – perhaps putting their own well-being at risk.

When faced with situations beyond our understanding or control, we can ask ourselves a vital question which may challenge us in many ways: “how would Jesus respond ?” … and there can surely be no doubt that Jesus will be alongside people who are sick, isolated or vulnerable and those who are supporting or caring for them.

Indeed, we all know of people acting in a Christ-like manner within our worshipping communities – putting their faith into practice, but of course also many others of all faiths or none doing likewise.

For us as Christians, trying to cope with what is happening, we can take comfort from the Lord’s Prayer, because as we say “Our Father” we are instantly drawn together within that over-arching love which demolishes any boundaries between us, for the almighty & everlasting God, whose name is hallowed, loves each of us personally in the sacrament of the present moment. It is this certainty which both drives and enables us in everything we do … for with this, we really are all in it together !

(Material from David Rhodes reflection on the Lord’s Prayer is used with permission and gratefully acknowledged).

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