Thought for the Day : Thursday 16 April

Thought for the Day from Peter Fleming of St Chad’s:

Readings: Exodus 13:1-16 and 1 Corinthians 15:29-34

Why do you believe that Jesus is alive, (the resurrection)?

In his first letter to the Corinthians, chapter 15, Paul talked about the Resurrection: and the idea of resurrection, for some folk, is not easy to grasp!

People make much of Christmas today, though Jesus’ birth is only part of the story. Without Easter we can have little idea of its significance.

I suspect that the disciples took ages to grasp the ‘whole story’. We have the advantage of hindsight. The first disciples were not so lucky: it was all happening around them. We are able to see the ‘Jesus story’ right through to the end: his (and our) resurrection, with the promise of the Holy Spirit and new life.

Passiontide allowed us to walk with Jesus, his disciples, his betrayer, his crucifiers and also those who sought to anoint his wounds. However, they found themselves anointed by His presence and we too can be anointed by his presence, as He calls to us to believe and live with Him, day by day.

The fact that Jesus is alive does not only depend on an empty tomb and an angel’s message, but on people meeting with the risen Lord themselves. Part of the authenticity of the whole resurrection narrative in the bible is the slowness of people to accept its truth. Until they see him, they will not believe.

There will be signs of the continuing power of Jesus, but the call to us is to respond to the good news, in whatever way we can.

This Eastertide we have a resurrection message to proclaim.
Jesus has died and was raised. He is our Saviour and our God.

How can we respond to such great love?

‘Lord Jesus, we receive you with joy! Fill us to overflowing with your Holy Spirit, that our joy be all the greater and everlasting!

You might care to listen to this song that expresses great confidence in Jesus:

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