Sunday 19 April 2020

If you’re feeling a bit CAPTIVE.. tune in to our Facebook Live page on Sunday morning at 10:30am for a blast of hope from one of God’s big jailbreaksExodus 14:10-31

Janet will be our cyber preacher (hurray!) She says the theme is ‘What is in your hand?’ – all about the ordinary things that God has given us to do extraordinary things with. Moses had a staff – what do you have?? to ponder between now and then ☺

Attached are the service sheets we’ll use over the next few Sundays of Easter season. There’s a ‘print order’ to use if you are printing, and a ‘view order’ if you are using this on a screen. Both can be edited / re-sized / re-formatted as you find helpful.

We can’t wait to ‘see you’ and worship together.

Here is a love and a liberation prayer:

You call us, O God
You call us out of a harsh land and into freedom
You call us out of despair and apathy
You call us into a vision of another way of living

You call us, O Jesus
You call us into hope and friendship
You call us to build your kingdom
You call us to break bread with you and with the hungry

You call us, O Holy Spirit
You call us to transformation
You call us to shine into the darkness
You call us into the world to change it
Give us the strength to follow where you call.

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