Thought for the Day : Tuesday 19 May

Thought for the Day from Hannah Lievesley of St Chad’s:

Readings: Numbers 16:36-50 and Luke 6:39-49

‘The mouth speaks what the heart is full of.’ Luke 6:45

Have you tried the Lectio365 app yet? I’m loving it. It’s designed to help you ‘pray the bible’ every day. It always prompts you to begin with a minute or two of ‘rejoicing’ using the prayer phrase ‘I choose to rejoice today in…’.

‘Choosing’ to rejoice every day in something that God provides or blesses us with is a great antidote to lockdown blues. It sets you off into the day on the right trajectory.

Today’s bible reading tells us that what is ‘stored up’ in the heart comes out of the mouth. The phrase storing up – seems to me to say we have a choice about it. What are you choosing to store up in your heart each day?

The concept of the Lectio365 app is rooted in the ancient practice of Lectio Divina: reading a short passage of the bible slowly and repeatedly and ‘listening’ until a phrase or verse stands out for you. Then prayerfully contemplating that phrase. Pete Greig, the author of the brilliant book, ‘How to Pray’, says, ‘sit quietly, reflecting on that verse, exploring it from every angle of your mind’. After a while that contemplation may turn into a prayer.

‘Praying the Bible’ like this is different to studying it. Lectio365 suggests ‘it’s less about dissecting, and more about digesting. Instead of going to work on God’s Word, through contemplative prayer I allow the Word to go to work on me.’

  • Let’s begin every day rejoicing in what God has done for us.
  • Let’s store up God’s word in our hearts through digesting and praying the bible.
  • Let’s speak his words of hope to the world.

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