Thought for the Day : Tuesday 2 June

Thought for the Day from Bob Shaw from St Michael’s:

Readings: Joshua 2 and Luke 9:28-36

Were we expecting the story of Jesus’ Transfiguration today? It’s a bit of a surprise because it’s normally celebrated on 6 Aug, the same day that the first atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima before WW2 came to an end. We could do with an end to our own life-threatening conflict couldn’t we? But what kind of peace can we hope for in our world today?

That’s a big question so let’s put ourselves in the shoes of those 3 disciples, Peter, James and John, who accompanied Jesus on a journey to the top of a high mountain. St. Luke tells us that Jesus went up there to pray, away from the noise of the crowds and all the hustle and bustle of city life. It was there in isolation from normal life that the 3 disciples had a one-off experience of Jesus’ divine status. Like them we are also in isolation undergoing a life-changing experience. Fortunately, and in spite of appearances, we are not alone either because Jesus is with us sharing our suffering. By following his example in stillness and prayer we too can be enlightened and transfigured to overcome our fears and continue on our earthly pilgrimage in spite of this global pandemic.

May the Holy Spirit guide us in prayer to overcome the weapons of this world and find the peace that passes all understanding. The Lord’s own prayer is such a powerful resource. You may also find Psalm 23 and this prayer of St. Richard of Chichester helpful today.

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