Thought for the Day : Thursday 4 June

Thought for the Day from Peter Hemming from St Chad’s:

Readings: Joshua 4:1-5.1 and Luke 9:51-62

How much does it cost, what has it cost, you to be a disciple of Jesus?
Think, what has God’s call cost you?

… financially, economically, socially, for your family … ?

Jesus is pretty direct about it in Luke’s account here. It costs something to everyone, and there’s to be no looking back.

How has God called you?

God calls each one of us – to something. Yet, it seems that Jesus wants to put everyone off becoming disciples. No home, no regular place to sleep: Ignore your family commitments. “In life no house or home, my Lord on earth might have, in death no friendly tomb, but what a stranger gave…” was Samuel Crossman’s take on it, (My song is love unknown – verse 6.) Not an attractive call!

In Joshua 4 we read that the Israelites crossed the Jordan, (were therefore in enemy territory, and vulnerable to attack,) and God then instructs Joshua to have all the young males circumcised – leaving them very vulnerable indeed! God’s timing was perfect, as everyone was terrified of the Israelites and were not going to attack: but they were not to know that then. Does God’s call leave us vulnerable?

The experiences of the Israelites in the Promised Land (the fall of Jericho etc) and the experiences of the Early Church (read on from Sunday’s reading for Pentecost in Acts), show me that ‘If God is for us, who can stand against us’ (Romans 8:31).

When we respond to God’s call, go and follow where He is calling, He honours that choice we make.

If the call costs, there is a recompense: but the Call to serve and follow is still there.

Will you come and follow me?

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