Thought for the Day : Saturday 13 June

Thought for the Day from Janet Lindley from All Hallows’:

Readings: Joshua 10:1-15 and Luke 11:37-54

“I feel helpless”, “I’m not used to doing nothing”, “I don’t know what I can do”.

Right now, many things feel impossible. We can’t see people as we’d like. We can’t hug family members if we don’t live in the same house or ‘bubble’. We can’t live as we used to and we don’t know when things will change.  It is so difficult to make many plans.

Our New Testament reading today from Luke 11 recounts a conversation between Jesus and the religious leaders of the time.  Jesus tells them that it’s not outward appearances that make them acceptable to God.

It is very strongly worded. You might look squeaky-clean on the outside, but that’s no good if your mind isn’t pointing the right way.  Outward appearances and what is in your heart must match.  Don’t be focussed in on yourself and on selfish interests but Jesus specifically says “be generous to the poor” (verse 41).

For us in Headingley and Hyde Park, we might not know what we can do.  It’s particularly difficult if we’re vulnerable, shielding or self-isolating. We also might not know anyone with need.  But there is something practical you can do right now.

Rainbow Junktion, the waste food cafe run by All Hallows’ Church, is not only continuing to provide hot meals but acts as the Council Hub for food parcels for the Headingley and Hyde Park area.  The cafe is seeing increasingly desperate and hungry people coming to its doors who are unable to manage.  Each day, need outstrips what has been donated by individuals and businesses.  

All of us, whoever we are can turn to God – to intervene, to bring help, to comfort.  But how we act on the outside needs to match that inner intention.  We give of ourselves to God in prayer and in practicality.

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