Thought for the Day : Monday 22 June

Thought for the Day from Jan Betts from All Hallows’:

Readings: Judges 2 and Luke 13:1-9

Being gloomy isn’t part of my skill set but today’s readings made my heart sink. The fig tree isn’t producing figs and God’s people are persistently and knowingly doing what they shouldn’t ought to do in following other gods. Not much joy going on there!

But in both cases God is merciful and gives them more chances to make amends, even to the point of making other nations harry and oppress the Israelites to make them wake up, a real pruning. The fig tree gets a massive prune too, and a second chance. God loves all creation and is on our side, waiting for us to work together for the establishment of the Kingdom, even when we ned pruning.

Many of us have been cut off from the children in our family, our nieces and nephews, our grandchildren, the children of friends. I’ve been reading bed time stories, playing Pictionary, having virtual tea and doing homework with children online in the last weeks.  This is a link to a beautifully illustrated book to read online, download, talk about and just simply enjoy.  Have a read and maybe share it with the children in your life online? Maybe don’t tell them, just notice, that it’s a message for all of us adults too, about what happens when we treat everybody and everything with God’s justice and compassion. Maybe talk about the whispers of hope and second chances, the seeds of reconciliation and renewal, which we can have with each other and with God.

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