Thought for the Day : Tuesday 23 June

Thought for the Day from Peter Hemming from St Chad’s:

Readings: Judges 4:1–23 and Luke 13:10–21

Barak was a wuss – Or at least that’s how it reads at first.

Barak said he’d not fight, unless Deborah joined in.

Read the Judges passage to find out who Barak was: if you know already, that’s fine.

What’s all this about then?

In times of ‘Black lives matter’ and ‘Equality Issues’, the disadvantaged should take comfort. He was scared of Him, unless She came too. And the outcome was, that (another) She, ultimately, did Him in, and the problem was solved – just for the time being.

And, from Luke’s Gospel, ‘women’ and ‘small things’ are important and really matter.

So, who was Barak? He was the commander of the Israelite force: his opponent, Sisera was the commander of the occupying army. The first ‘She’ was Deborah the Judge (Person in charge) of Israel at the time. The second ‘She’ was Jael, ‘wife of Heber the Kenite’ who was meant to not be at war with Sisera.

In our (probably sexist, ethnically biased and racist?) society, we must all listen and acknowledge that neither race, gender nor any other issue matters. Whether we’re male, female, black, white, or rainbow coloured or natured, we all matter, we are all valued and we are all equal in the sight of God.

Even in their overtly patriarchal society, apparently gender didn’t matter then. And if you were to read on, (Judges 5 is the ‘Song of Deborah and Barak’), clearly Barak and Deborah were good friends. Perhaps he wasn’t that much of a wuss after all, but really wanted Deborah to share in the overthrow of the ‘enemy’. Inclusion matters.

If this is the first time you’ve come across the book of Judges you may find it helpful to watch the summary, of the book, from Sam Corley, the ‘Rector of Leeds’, at Leeds Minster.

Enjoyed it? Now hear all his other offerings – one for each of the 66 books of the Bible. They’re all good! (at least all the ones I’ve seen…)

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