Sunday 5 July

We have finished our “Tricky Texts” series but still find ourselves in lockdown though it is easing a bit. This Sunday is the first day that church congregations are allowed to worship again in their buildings but with limitiations. We will not be having a service in the church building and in our Facebook Live service at 10:30am we will explain why.

We will also be starting a new series as we work our way through the book of Acts and the ongoing story of faith as “God’s Love Meets the World”. It will be a great opportunity for us to explore some of the creative tension between ‘Church = Building’ and ‘Church = People’. If you want to prepare for the service then do read Luke 24 and Acts 1 beforehand.

So do join us on Facebook Live at 10:30am as Heston and Lydia lead us in our worship and for “virtual cafe” after the service via Zoom.

Physically distanced but spiritually connected

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