Thought for the Day : Thursday 9 July

Thought for the Day by Katharine Salmon from St Chad’s

Readings: Judges 16:4-31 and Luke 18:31-43

Failed to grasp it!

How much are we failing to grasp at the moment? I am not sure I am grasping the new reality of teaching with bubbles, hand gel and lots of virtual lessons- in human terms, it is so complicated, but God is with us.

With mere human words, Jesus could not help the disciples understand. Nevertheless, his words gave them something to remember and to put into perspective at a later time — a time after he had been crucified and been raised from the dead. Jesus’ destiny in Jerusalem was simply incomprehensible to the disciples when Jesus told them what would happen. They had seen the good he had done. They had experienced his life-changing presence first hand. They believed him to be the Messiah. How could God’s Messiah be crucified? How could he be executed for the deeds of kindness he had performed and the words of truth he had spoken? We, on the other hand, must grasp this truth: Jesus was going to Jerusalem knowing full well that he would be persecuted, rejected, tortured, and killed. Yet he went anyway, to honour God and to pay the price for our sin. We must not let this loving sacrifice be hidden from our hearts!

Lord Jesus, I thank you for going to Jerusalem while knowing that the cross was coming and yet enduring it for the sake of my salvation. To you, O Lord and Christ, belong all glory, honour, blessing, and praise. Amen.

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