Thought for the Day : Wednesday 22 July

Thought for the Day by Katharine Salmon from St Chad’s:

Readings: 1 Samuel 16:14-end and Luke 8:1-3

The Magdalene’s Blessing – Jan Richardson from ‘Circle of Grace’ Image He Qi Mary Magdalene.

Mary Magdalene is one of my favourite saints, and I love this atypical picture of her by He Qi and Jan’s reflection on her, a reflection of liberty and a challenge in how we respond in our uncertain times.

He Qi – Mary Magdalene

You hardly imagined
standing here,
everything you ever loved
suddenly returned to you,
looking you in the eye
and calling your name.
And now
you do not know
how to abide this ache
in the center
of your chest,
where a door
slams shut
and swings open
at the same time,
turning on the hinge
of your aching
and hopeful heart.
I tell you,
this is not a banishment
from the garden.

This is an invitation,
a choice,
a threshold,
a gate.
This is your life
calling to you
from a place
you could never
have dreamed,
but now that you
have glimpsed its edge,
you cannot imagine
choosing any other way.

Jan Richardson. Circle of Grace

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