Sunday 26 July 2020

Do join us this Sunday on Facebook Live at 10:30am as we continue our virtual travels through the book of Acts, travelling with St Paul on the Damascus Road and then heading into the desert – in the footsteps of Jesus and Moses and Elijah and saints of all faiths and times.

The desert is an extreme place – of survival and life and death. A place for thinking of our dear Clare 💔❤

The desert is a silent place, a place for shutting out all the non-stop words and images and noise and busy-ness we’re bombarded with in daily life.

The desert has therefore always been a place for finding God. or more accurately, a place where we can be more easily “found by God”.

Heston and Lydia will be leading us in our worship and there will be an opportunity after the service to meet together for tea, coffee or other beverages via Zoom!

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