Thought for the Day : Thursday 13 August

Thought for the Day by Katherine-Alice Grasham from All Hallows’:

Readings: 1 Samuel 21:1-22.5 and Acts 2:22-36

your art 
is not about how many people 
like your work 
your art  
is about 
if your heart likes your work 
if your soul likes your work 
it’s about how honest 
you are with yourself 
and you  
must never  
trade honesty  
for relatability 

Rupi Kaur 

 I love this short poem. I consider myself to be an artist at heart – I love creating and making things. To me, art is deeply spiritual – I always feel close to God when I am creating. I think it’s because our God is a creator, and so I am imbued with some of Her creative spirit.

Vincent van Gogh once said “there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people.” I think this is true – art and love are so closely entwined with each other. When God created our universe, it was because She wanted a world that She could pour her love into. Similarly, when we make things, hopefully those things are filled with our love (even if sometimes they are a labour of love!!) It’s also great to be able to make things for others, and this can be another great way to show love through art.

I also really love craftivism – craft activism. If we do believe that we have some of God’s creative spirit in us, then surely it’s not a stretch to believe that art can speak to us deep down, including about important social issues.

Perhaps there are creative gifts that you have that could be used to speak to people about issues that you care about. Art doesn’t have to mean just painting or drawing – it can include dance, drama, writing, craft, sewing, sculpture… anything where you are in the role of creator. So why not spend a few minutes thinking about things you could create to make a difference, even if it’s just to your own heart and soul.

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