Thought for the Day : Tuesday 22 September

Thought for the Day by Janet Lindley (All Hallows)

Readings: 1 Kings 8:63-9.9 and Acts 16:25-40

He had finished. After 20 years meticulous planning and highly skilled workers, building works were complete. A home for his household and a dwelling place for God. 

Well not quite. Construction works had finished and the dedication had been magnificent. Thousands came and were overwhelmed by Gods presence. 

But this wasn’t the whole story, it was the start of a new chapter. God’s presence had filled the temple, but how would they respond in continued worship and action? 

Did Solomon need this reminder from God? It would be easy for Solomon to be a little proud of the achievement. He was, after all, the first to build a temple for God! 

We are all God carriers, reflecting in part the one who made the world in which we live. Our daily lives filled with acts of creation in our studies and work, our actions and activities. 

This is not separate from our worship. God can’t only be found in the temple or in a church, God through the Holy Spirit dwells in each one of us (1 Cor 6:19).  How we inhabit the ordinary day to day and choices, inviting God in, becomes a fragrant offering. 

What would our day-to-day be as worship? Choosing to walk not drive? Seeking inner calm in traffic jams? Looking at the world around us?? Giving thanks for this wonderful creation? 

What will we open to God in the rest of our day? Our cooking the dinner, sorting the recycling, saying hi rather than hurrying on, saying thanks to the delivery driver, paying the bills or responding to that inner prompting to make a call.  

We invite God again into our lives to guide and shape, to breathe new life again.  We offer ourselves and our everyday moments as an act of worship. 

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