Thought for the Day : Thursday 1 October

Thought for the Day by Hannah Lievesley (St Chad’s)

Readings: 1 Kings 18:1-20 and Acts 20:17-end

“I served the Lord with great humility and with tears” – Saint Paul the Apostle, Acts 20:19

This morning I offer Malcolm Guite’s beautiful poem in celebration of St Paul the Apostle. Enjoy!


An enemy whom God has made a friend,

A righteous man discounting righteousness,

Last to believe and first for God to send,

He found the fountain in the wilderness.

Thrown to the ground and raised at the same moment,

A prisoner who set his captors free,

A naked man with love his only garment,

A blinded man who helped the world to see,

A Jew who had been perfect in the law,

Blesses the flesh of every other race

And helps them see what the apostles saw;

The glory of the lord in Jesus’ face.

Strong in his weakness, joyful in his pains,

And bound by love, he freed us from our chains.

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