Thought for the Day : Thursday 8 October

Thought for the Day by Katherine-Alice Grasham (All Hallows)

Readings: 2 Kings 1:2-17 and Acts 24:1-23

I saw a beautiful Facebook post the other day that said this:

“God made trans people for the same reason they made wheat but not bread and grapes but not wine. So that humanity might share in the act of creation. They call it ‘the divine alchemy of the self’.” (I believe this is from a book called “Everyone on the Moon is Essential Personnel” by Julian K. Jarboe)

I love this perspective that we are invited by God to share in the act of creation with Them. I believe that in many aspects of life, we are called to be creators – creators of change, creators of peace, creators of safety. I especially think this applies to the LGBTQ+ community – as God’s people, we should be at the forefront of creating safe spaces and communities where LGBTQ+ people can feel God’s love.

As a gender non-binary person*, creating exactly who I want to be has been instrumental in my relationship with God. Choosing part of my own name, creating a chosen family when my biological family are far away, and accepting myself as God made me have all helped me to draw closer to my creator.

I wonder, whether or not you are trans or non-binary, if you have felt this “divine alchemy of the self” before? Does engaging with acts of creation help you to feel closer to God? Do you feel that you and God have both been part of creating who you are today? Perhaps you would like to spend some time reflecting on this.

*Gender non-binary means not identifying as fully male or fully female (i.e. the gender binaries), but identifying somewhere in the middle, neither, or on a different scale altogether.

One response to “Thought for the Day : Thursday 8 October

  1. Hi Katherine-Alice,

    I’m honored people are finding meaning in my words. I should note that the Facebook post is a bit of a misquote, and the original quote that I wrote has undergone a bit of a game of telephone that removes some context from it.

    Here’s the original quote in full:

    “God blessed me by making me transsexual for the same reason he made wheat but not bread and fruit but not wine: because he wants humanity to share in the act of creation. I am only doing the Good Works here on Earth as intended! ”

    [Posted on my Twitter here: ]

    It is indeed also a quote from my book, “Everyone on the Moon is Essential Personnel,” yes. Thank you so much for attributing it! I have mentioned a few other things about it on my Twitter that feel important:

    “Okay, so. This one very specific thing I wrote, that has a background & context in my life & art, has now repeatedly gone viral *for other people* via screencaps & vaguequotes across at least three major social media platforms. At this point, yes I do feel sorta weird about it.”


    “Maybe the only interesting thing about The Thing That’s Happened With That Quote of Mine is that I made deliberate use of the word “transsexual” & a comparison to mundane & difficult tasks of daily life, but people always soften the term and shift the framing to magic/alchemy.”

    [You can see more info about the way this has gone viral and how I’m pretty uncomfortable with the word changes on top of the plagiarism here: ]

    I hope that provides some more context. I understand some people are bothered by the word “transsexual” but I must emphasize that the way people have changed it to “trans person” is a disservice to my theological intent, as trans people have been so often “reduced” to our bodies, but I believe there is an enormous spiritual beauty in owning that. The “wounds”, after all, though they may provoke doubt, are evidence of the miracle… 🙂


    Julian K. Jarboe

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