Thought for the Day : Friday 9 October

Thought for the Day by Janet Lindley (All Hallows)

Readings: 2 Kings 2:1-18 and Acts 24:24-25:12

Friend of God – A blessing for us all 

Readings: Nehemiah 8:10 and Psalm 23 

I wanted to share with you a beautiful blessing I heard last week.  Written for a friend’s ordination as a priest, it is a blessing that extends to us all.

We all invited to be a friend of God.  Whether we’re able to say yes right now or not, that offer of friendship stands firm.   

This blessing reminds us that being a friend of God releases us more fully to living priestly lives.  We are so blessed here in Headingley and Hyde Park to have so many ordained friends leading, living and worshiping among us.   

They will remind you that their job is not to be priestly for us, but to bring about the priestly, the godly, the love-in-action in each of our individual lives.  It is not to down play their roles or their calling – but more to up-play the ordinary-ordained in you and me.  

How wonderful that God’s friendship is open to all!  Sinners and saints.  Old and young.  Rock-band loving or choir-singing.  Whoever you are and wherever you are, there is room for you in that embrace. 

I pray that God will bless you today as you go about your lives.  In the car, walking to the shop, writing an email or picking up the litter, may you be daily anointed by the love of Christ.   

When the going gets tough and the corona-coaster overwhelms, may you find your way to those waters of comfort.  And to the God who walks along beside you. 

May God fill you to overflowing, renewing and restoring you, as you go about your day making friends of God.  

Ruth’s blessing by Lucy Bunce

“Friend of God, shepherd my people 
with joy from the LORD, your strength. 
Blessed of God, always remember 
the joy of the LORD’s your strength. 
Jesus is the wellspring of your soul, 
may you walk with him by the waters of comfort. 
Loving kindness, mercy shall follow you 
as you dwell with him: 
daily anointed by the love of Christ 
making friends of God.” 

© 2020 Sounds of Heaven Music

I hope you will enjoy listening to the blessing (and Lucy’s introduction to it) here:

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