Sunday 25 October

On Sunday at 10:30am via Facebook Live we will be continuing our Creation Series of The Rhythm of Life and the theme this week is RESTING. This has obviously been planned well in advance because the clocks go back overnight on Saturday / Sunday so you can have an extra hour in bed resting before the service! Anna Bland will be sharing her thoughts with us on resting – you can read more of her work on this blog – and Heston will be leading us in our worship.

There are a limited number of spaces at church each week if you wish to attend – please contact Heston (details here) if you wish to attend – but there are an almost unlimited number of spaces if you wish to join us via Facebook Live. If you wish to follow along with the words used you can find them on our service sheet.

Rare photo at Stonehenge, staff moving clocks back one hour.

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