Thought for the Day : Monday 9 November

Thought for the Day by Richard Wilson (St Chad’s)

Readings: Daniel 4:19-37 and Revelation 5

Daniel (remember, a devout Jewish exile in Babylon) has already been saved by God with the resultant conversion of King Nebuchadnezzar’s people as he has been given the power to interpret dreams. Now he is faced with another of the King’s dreams. Are you surprised that he is terrified and hesitant when he realises what the interpretation is? Encouraged to proceed by Nebuchadnezzar he gives the news and asks him to take his advice. The consequences are played out, the King loses his authority, until it is returned 7 years later when he praises the Most High with honour and glory. This is God’s will.

So is this not like a fairy tale ending! It does make very clear that our God is all powerful, merciful and kind, abhors pride and appreciates humility.

The Revelation passage shows part of another ‘dream’ – but what a difference! God has The Scroll. John weeps as he thinks there is no one is worthy to open it but he is wrong. The Lamb who was slain can. What an incredible picture John paints of the joy there is in heaven and on earth when this is revealed, joy that is beyond our understanding.

When we pray ‘Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven’ perhaps we could bear in mind these readings and ask whether we are doing God’s will and praising him with honour and glory.

Why not listen to ‘Worthy is the Lamb’ from Handel’s Messiah.

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