Thought for the Day : Monday 4 January 2021

Thought for the Day by Katharine Salmon (St Chad’s)

I have chosen to focus on the work of Rainbow Junktion – the Pay as you Feel Junk Food Café at All Hallows Church.

Please find below a link to the homepage on which there is a video of Emily (Café Manager) and others explaining their work.

Food is so important to us all – having enough and ensuring that others are fed. Jesus fed the 5000 and feeds us in the Eucharist. In the run up to Christmas and the new year, we saw concerning reports of food poverty: food banks being inundated with requests for help, Sikh communities preparing hundreds of meals to feed stranded lorry drivers, and ingenious people in Kent lowering pizza over a motorway bridge to them.

We may have been able to return to Holy Communion in church, or perhaps we may be enjoying communion on zoom. I have enjoyed zooming with all kinds of communities – religious orders, centres of pilgrimage, and our own parish. However we understand communion at the moment in these challenging times and unusual circumstances, I hope and pray we can find strength in receiving it, but may our communion with Christ help us to reach out to those who hunger.

I am reading a wonderful book that I would highly recommend- “For all who Hunger” by Emily M D Scott. Emily is a young Lutheran pastor who starts a “dinner church” in New York for those who do not fit into church, and grapples with the poverty and loneliness in the midst of a wealthy city. It has many parallels for us in Leeds in 2021. Both Rainbow Junktion and Emily’s dinner church ask the question: “Who is my neighbour?” and respond with generosity.

With best wishes to you all as you work for justice in 2021.

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