Sunday Worship 17 January 2021

This morning we had the second in our six week series, “’God With Us’: Angels and Aha! Moments”, looking at how we can continue to experience the Christmas message in the struggles of our daily lives.

Heston and Lydia led us in our worship and Pippa shared with us some thoughts about “Angels” as symbols of the moments when we feel God with us, with the help of some famous drawings and paintings (see the slide show below the video for a better view of these artworks).

We continue to share our Sunday worship with the minimum number of people physically together but we want to involve as many people in the service itself via recordings – music, readings, prayers. If you wish to help out in our service then do please contact us.

One response to “Sunday Worship 17 January 2021

  1. I abusalty enjoyed service this morning has I do always , the story telling was amazing especially also the pictures what a way too start a sunday awesome thank you ❤ Marcus and Kyle xx

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