Thought for the Day : Monday 18 January

Thought for the Day by Richard Wilson (St Chad’s)

A cursory glimpse into the past by an elderly organist !

I have lived around Leeds all my life and since the age of 10 have played the organ and so have seen many changes.

When I was 16/17 I was invited to All Hallows to play the organ while Bill Simpson conducted the choir. They sang special music once a month instead of a sermon at Evensong. It was the old church then and on one occasion the Fauré Requiem was performed. Bill always reckoned that it was one of the first performances in Leeds by a church choir. Unfortunately that church building burnt down to be replaced by the new building. You don’t need telling what tremendous changes have happened since (see Katharine Salmon’s TFTD 4/1/21). Bill went on to become organist and choirmaster at St Michael’s.

So Bill and I met up again when I came to St Chad’s and the two choirs joined together occasionally.

If we look at changes in church buildings, Headingley Methodist was reorganised,  St Chad’s has been and there have been changes at St Michael’s.

St Columba’s United Reformed Church was built from new.

Now we have the Headingley and Hyde Park Team Ministry – still developing.

We must not forget Churches Together in Headingley and how many different Christian faiths meet up – this did not happen as much as today.

All these churches have parish centres being used to support other activities as well.

Surely this shows how much God has done and is continuing to do in this area.

Perhaps it is not until we look back we realise just how much this is and that God’s time scale is rather different to ours.

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