Thought for the Day : Friday 5 February

Thought for the Day by Katharine-Alice Grasham (All Hallows)

Job 36:1-23
V5/6b: God is mighty, but despises no one; She is mighty, and firm in Her purpose. She gives the afflicted their rights.

This passage really stood out to me as we approach Lent, when we will be running the Living in Love and Faith course, and thinking about sexuality, gender, and the church. God despises no-one. No-one!! God is a God of love, and She loves all and hates none. Isn’t that an affirming thing to read?!

She also “gives the afflicted their rights”. It’s not really a stretch to say that LGBTQ+ people are afflicted by hate, injustice, and abuse, but we are promised that we will be given our rights.

I know the Living in Love and Faith process can feel quite daunting. It’s not always well-worded in places, and the thought of having these discussions AGAIN can be completely draining. But we should be encouraged by God’s promises – we are loved by someone mighty, someone firm in Her purpose, someone who gives the afflicted their rights. We can take strength from Her, and we can also remain mighty, firm in our purpose, and people who fight for our own rights, and the rights of everyone who is afflicted.

Our three churches, St Chad’s, All Hallows and St Michael’s are running the Living in Love and Faith course on Wednesday evenings 7.30-9pm on Zoom during lent 24th February to 24th March. Contact Katharine-Alice by email if you’d like to join or find out more. You can watch the Introductory video about the course here:

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